Various cancers Kumdang-2 Injection

Some cells carry cancer genes. These cells do not grow owing to the action of the immuno-competence, but. once they undergo a support from outside by inducers (e.g. longtime repeated stimulus on the same spot cancer-generating (carcinogenic) substances and viruses), they would grow without restriction. This is cancer. Therefore, if the body has a strong immunity, the cancer would not outbreak and, even if outbroken, the cancer cells would be removed or  suppressed subject that the immuno-competence is well adjusted. We are in the knowledge that 200 healthy cells are mobilized to kill one cancer cell, so the proliferation of healthy cells can suppress cancer. Kumdang-2 Injection optimized the immuno-competence and revived and proliferated healthy cells, and thereby achieved high records in preventing and curing all sorts of cancer. In treatments of cancers by this injection, the rate of recovery was very high in their initial stage, rather high in the middle stage, and low in the terminal stage. According to the clinic records of the cancer cases fully cured or suppressed by this injection, all the recorded patients frequently applied the “maximum dose" described above and more than 300-600 ampoules were used in total. When this injection was dispensed in combination with the anti-cancer medicines including Endoxan, 5-Fluorouracil, Mitomycin, Vincristin. Cisplatin and Taxol, thesevere adverse side effects thereof were alleviated considerably and high therapeutic results were achieved. According to the clinical records, this injection has particularly good effects in cures of cancers of: liver, stomach, gall, bile duct, pancreas, prostate gland, breast, uterus and adnexa of uterus and the mucus tumor of peritoneum. The high clinical records of this injection in cures of cancers once again proved the world wide insistence that cancer can be cured by optimization of immunity on use of immune activators such as the immune adjusting polysaccharide activated by light rare earths and platinum (e.g. Kumdang-2 Injection). According to the clinical records, the death rate was high among the patients who had taken only the anti-cancer medicines. But the survival rate was high among those who had taken the anti-cancer medicines together with this injection or only this injection.