Malignant influenza and other kinds of cold Kumdang-2 Injection

The most effective method to prevent or cure different kinds of cold and influenza is to optimize the immuno-competence of the body against colds by use of immuno-activator or interferon inducer, while training the body. Kumdang-2 Injection has been recognized world-wide as one of most effective immuno-activators and interferon inducers. According to the clinical practice, 24-56 ampoules (3-7 packets)of this injection optimized the immuno-competence, resulting in successful prevention of colds and flues, and even in cases of their outbreak, the injected ailed mildly and recovered shortly. This injection alone was enough to cure malignant influenza and colds, but its simultaneous use with other cold remedies resulted in better records. In case of failure of satisfactory cure after 1 -2 times of injection, inject every 5-10 minutes, 5-8 ampoules each time, 3-5 times daily, whereby 1-2 days were enough for complete cure of any cold or flue of any severity.