Heart Diseases Kumdang-2 Injection

Thanks to its powerful mechanism, Kumdang-2 Injection recorded 98% of complete recovery in treatments of cardioneurosis and arrhythmia (irregular pulsation), and 70% and 57% in treatments of ischemic heart diseases (IHD) and stenocardia respectively.

Arthritis Kumdang-2 Injection

(1) Rheumatic arthritis Kumdang-2 Injection’s mechanism of curing arthritis differs from other medicines, e.g. this injection cures not only arthritis, but also the heart disorder, a disease accompanying arthritis. Thanks to this mechanism, Kumdang-2 could give a chance of full recovery to the patients who had only been suffering from the adverse effects of other medicines without progress in cure of arthritis. By the way, some of the patients, who, instead of applying at least one full course, had suspended the injection after one or two doses only as they felt no pain on the diseased joints or found the swelling thereon gone down, fell ill again some days later. Nevertheless, most of the patients who followed “4. Administration” properly recovered for good. (2) Rheumatoid Kumdang-2 Injection Kumdang-2 Injection proved efficacious in treatment of rheumatoid, a form of chronic arthritis accompanied with transformation of bone joints and muscular contraction. Pains at the joints reduced markedly or disappeared, swelling in the joints shrank to a certain degree and atrophied muscles around the joints came back to normalcy. But the rate of full recovery was not high.