Drug Addiction Kumdang-2 injection

There is no drug addiction in our country. Therefore we only studied the reports from foreign hospitals and the medical teams of DPR Korea touring in foreign countries. The records of treating the patients addicted to the following narcotic drugs and stimulants were reported: Drugs of opium alkaloids: morphine, codeine, thebaine, heroin and dehydrocodeine Drugs of coca-alkaloids: cocaine Synthetic drugs: dehydroetropen and promedol Stimulants similar to narcotic drugs: hashish, marihuana, Philopon, Ice. and amphetamine. The drug addicts were suffering from: the symptoms of serious mental trouble and the depressed functions of all organs owing to the disturbed autonomic nervous system. The pulmonary fibrosis and heart failure gave rise to heart disorder, and the continuing expansion of the blood vessels by drugs decreased their elasticity, slowing down the blood flow. Moreover, diarrhea failed to discontinue due to the trouble of intestinal movements and the functional disorder of the liver and kidney. Upon injection of Kumdang-2 to the drug addicts as per “4. Administration”, the autonomic nervous system came back to normalcy, the intestines were quickly recovered, the symptoms of mental disorder disappeared, blood began to flow normally and the diarrhea discontinued. Further, their mental dependence on drugs and the abstinence distress were lessened sharply or disappeared for good. As a result, the drug addiction was completely cured. The drug addicts who, had used to fall in the abstinence distress if forced to unuse the drug after few hours of its previous use, were delighted very much to experience their symptoms considerably weakened or eliminated. (Abstinence distress is: if a strong demand for drug is unquenched, the addict starts sneezing, shedding tears, dribbling, dilatation of the eye pupils, fuli-body spasm, tongue twists; severe pain in the joints and muscles, chill, vomiting and feeling faint after 24 hours; and thereafter rolling to and fro, biting his own fingers and striking themselves against anywhere to be stained with blood all over.) Nevertheless, some of them returned to their former state of addiction because they used drugs again. Only those with the consciousness of their own destiny and strong will could be fully recovered from drug addiction.