Disorders before and after child-delivery Kumdang-2 Injection

(a)    Before delivery Administration of Kumdang-2 Injection to the sufferers of serious morning sickness in the first half of pregnancy removed nausea, made them feel refreshed, normalized appetite, and prevented debility and toxemia of pregnancy. Moreover, those already taken ill of toxemia of pregnancy were also swiftly recovered therefrom by Kumdang-2 Injection. The injection also demonstrated good effects on various diseases of pregnant women such as liver, stomach and heart disorders and polyps. The women administered with the injection before or during pregnancy did not catch cold and other infectious diseases and had an easy delivery of healthy babies. And the babies bom from Kumdang-2 injected women had a stronger resistance to diseases and grew up taster and healthier than those from the uninjected women. (b)    After delivery Shortly after delivery, women are likely to suffer from autonomic nerve imbalance (vegetative neurosis) and blood circulation disorder caused by tension of the sympathetic nerve and negative stimulus on the hypothalamus, that had stemmed from postpartum malnutrition and cardiac weakness. These are known as postpartum diseases. According to the clinical records, injection of Kumdang-2 immediately after delivery dealt a positive strike on the hypothalamus, thereby optimizing the systems of autonomic nerve and immunity with the result that autonomic imbalance and disorders of blood circulation did not occur. Therefore, there appeared no such symptoms as feeling as if head and the whole body are exposed to the wind, heavy cold sweat, body chill, dizziness, lumbago, debility, stomachache, sharp pains all over the body and palpitation of the heart; and after delivery, women got healthier than before pregnancy. In addition to the said preventive action, Kumdang-2 Injection successfully cured all the postpartum diseases that had outbroken among the uninjected women.