Diabetes kumdang-2 injection

Once diabetes breaks out, you may experience increase of urine, and feel thirsty, lethargic and hungry before mealtime. Injection of Kumdang-2 at this stage removed those symptoms and mostly resulted in complete cure. At the initial stage of the disease the recovery rate was around 68%. It was effective for chronic diabetes, too. It noticeably lessened or eliminated diabetic symptoms and returned the blood-sugar level to normal, but the full recovery rate was only 36%. Administration of this injection coupled with the anti-diabetic medicines, such as Glyclazide, Metformine, Gluriad, Amaryl (Glimepirid), Manilin, etc. proved more effective in improving the relevant symptoms and the blood-sugar level than when the diabetes medicines were applied alone. Application of Kumdang-2 in a concerted prescription as above decreased by far the dependence on insulin among the patients of diabetes Type I and lowered the rate of their conversion from Type II (Non-depending on insulin) to Type I (depending on insulin). This injection was also successful in preventing various complicating diseases related with diabetes. Its great effectiveness in the treatment of diabetes lies in the fact that it optimizes the autonomic nervous system, and especially prestisol (activated by rare earths) and other insam extracts, which it contains, stimulate pancreas, thereby accelerating insulin secretion and promote lipidic synthesis, with the result that the increased rate of sugar absorption reduces the blood-sugar level.