Cosmetic Effects

Kumdang-2 Injection is accepted as a far better alternative to cosmetics. Its cosmetic effects were distinctive among those who used it according to “4. Administration”. Moreover, even only applying it on the face, not injecting it, produced results better than the deluxe cosmetics. You may apply as follows: after getting up in the morning, wash your face; pour half or more of the liquid from an ampoule into your palm; and apply it evenly on your face in the same way as you do with lotion. Repeat the same in the evening. You may or may not further make up your face after applying the liquid on the face. Cosmetic effects were more vivid when it was both applied on the face and injected to the body because in that case, proliferation of healthy cells started both from exterior skin and from inside. Clinical records have shown many good signs on the face: many wrinkles were removed, granulomas became smaller or removed, and the loosened muscles turned tense resulting in fine complexion. Blackheads, dark dots, freckles, hives, pimples, rashes and all kinds of inflammations disappeared, the facial skin and flesh became clear, soft, white, tender, elastic and smooth, and the eyes glistened.