• Allergic skin diseases kumdang-2 injection

    Kumdang-2 Injection has recorded excellent clinical effects in curing various allergic skin diseases and dermatitis including nettle rash on the face or the body caused by various factors. There have been many cases of skin diseases, which had failed of cure on any strong medicines, but were completely cured on Kumdang-2 Injection. As far as skin diseases are concerned, in addition to the powerful efficacies on its injecting, the liquid content of Kumdang-2 has been highly effective, too, on its applying to the diseased skin like the medicines of external use.

    Ambustion, Chilblain and Electric Injury kumdang-2 injection (Injuries by burn, freezing and electric shock)

    In treatments of injuries or traumas by bum, freezing and electric shock, Kumdang-2 Injection achieved wonderful results in both of its single and combined uses. Among the Kumdang-2 injected patients the speed of recovery was 10 times faster than the uninjected. Further, the injected patients were quite safe from any other complicating diseases.

    Engorgement kumdang-2 injection

    When a man falls from a cliff or gets injured in a car accident or military battle, skin chaps, bruise and edema appear, the blood is gathered in several parts of the body and bones are broken. Administration of Kumdang-2 Injection in those cases recovered all the injuries more than 8 times faster than other medicines. Many patients, who had been diagnosed for over 6 months' intensive in-bed treatment, wearing plasters on several parts, and foreseen to be disabled even after recovery, completely revived to a normal workable state in only 20 days of its injecting, whereupon they could even run all the way home like sportsmen. According to the clinic records, there have been many cases, where some seriously injured men being in state of coma breathing last breaths revived to this world after its injection every 4 hours, 6-8 ampoules each time.