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About safety of kumdang 2 injection.

1) Kumdang-2 Injection is a herbal medicine extracted from Kaesong Koryo insam (ginseng) cultivated in Kaesong DPR Korea by applying rare-earth molecular fertilizer. It contains insam saccharides, light rare earth elements, a micro-quantities of gold and platinum.

2) It causes no pain during and after injection.

3) Unlike chemical medicines, it has no adverse side effects.

4) It has no contraindications and can be used together with other medicines.

5) It optimizes the systems of autonomic nerve and self-curing by stimulating hypothalamus, the centre of the autonomic nervous system, functions anti-inflammatory, anti-bacteria and anti-virus, restores the diseased parts t revitalizing and proliferating cells, optimizes immunity, maintains the homoeostasis of the body, and functions anti-oxidant.

6) It absorbs or removes all those that have not originally been in human body (e.g. cancer, pathological secretion, etc.) including those of the same cellular tissues as the healthy ones like polyps or some skin diseases.

7) Owing to its healing mechanism, it can cure a large variety of diseases, and its effects instantly emerge vivid and last long.

8) Dosage does not vaiy according to diseases, but alters a little according to the patient’s body weight and severity of the illness.

9) The main purpose of injection is to cure diseases, but it is also good for healthy persons as it invigorates them, optimizes their immunity and makes them more beautiful.

10) It is good for those who have taken chemical medicines like anti-biotics and narcotic drugs and those who have drunken much alcohol because Kumdang-2 Injection prevents, neutralizes or removes all side effects and addiction. In particular, when taking such medicines that entail severe side effects like anti-cancer and anti-TB medicines, it is advisable to apply this injection simultaneously with them so as to prevent their side effects and expedite cure of the diseases.

11) Hitherto, in uses of Kumdang-2 Injection, nobody could find any sign of attachment (love), addiction, intoxication or their similarity of any kind.


1) This being a herbal medicine, it can be administered without punctuality in disregard of the timetable exhibited in the enclosure of its packet. According to the hitherto clinical records, the rate of recovery was higher among its random users than its punctual users.

2) All the patients with clear knowledge of the principles of its dosage have experienced satisfactory effects and 95.5% of them resulted in complete cure.

List of hospitals

List of hospitals and clinics invited to perform clinical studies of kumdang-2 injection

Appendix to SICD Document No.0015-2 List of hospitals and clinics invited to perform clinical studies of kumdang-2 injection Pyongyang Medical University Hospital Korea Red Cross Group […]
Treatment of diseases

Treatment of diseases

8. Clinical study Allergic skin diseases, Ambustion, Chilblain, Engorgement Allergic skin diseases Kumdang-2 Injection has recorded excellent clinical effects in curing various allergic skin diseases and […]
Kumdang-2 injections

Kumdang-2 injections

   This manual is based on comprehensive analyses of: The opinions of millions of patients,all of which have been collected over the last 23 years since […]

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Kumdang-2 injections

It is important to know about kumdang 2 injection and ginseng.

North Korea Ginseng is divided into two types of Sancy (Mining and wild) and Yansam (Cultivated noble root conditions). Sanz (Wild) ginseng - a source rock, it can be used in the dosage form, after 10 years of growth. Yansam (grown) after 6 years sowing.

The North Korean Ginseng has been used for treatment since ancient times, it was used by a variety of human diseases, even in the most at that time unexplored disease, ginseng has shown itself perfectly. Since its locals called Sinchho (Grass God) and believed them due to the fact that ginseng gives them the miraculous power Thozen (Vivacity lands) and Helsam (Krovyannoy root). So during ginseng root it has become an integral part of the people. It is grown in gardens for years to develop a method of sowing and harvesting in 6 years. In addition, to develop a method of red and white ginseng. Now in spite of Science and Technology developed synthetic substitutes unstable that Western pharmaceutics by means of advertising and global corporations implemented worldwide. Thus the worldwide drop in demand for natural medicines, as well as on natural ginseng. Most people have switched to synthetic drugs whose properties are aimed at one disease, but in these drugs have side effects, in other words these drugs cheaper cure one disease but cause another illness, or after another illness. What should be forcing people to buy new drugs and the endless cycle that kills human immune system.

Thanks to science and technology, the company's modern North Korea, developing natural medicine, not on the basis of introduction of chemical compounds, and by combining ecologically grown enriched natural power of herbs and plants. Create natural medicinal supplements and medications that their properties have no contraindications and age restrictions. In other words, these drugs naturally absorbed by the human body and show excellent results, with complex viruses and epidemics. According to statistics, in North Korea, there is practically no epidemic of HIV infection, gipatita, heart disease and related defect of brain cells and many others .. So drug additives kumdang injection 2 , has proved to be at the highest level in the fight against Ebolla modern virus outbreaks, and matched each other. These studies were conducted in Europe and the African continent. This product became available for ordinary people because of trade relations in the world. You can order kumdang injection 2 is already in the comfort of your home through our online store, shipping is carried out worldwide. Price kumdang 2 injection is also available for the budget of the modern man. kumdang 2 are available for purchase, 100% quality products, confidence in the future. Being healthy does not happen now easier.

There is still need sound domestic policy attitudes towards the people and care about him. The modern world pharmaceuticals targeted at the business and achieve the benefits from the sales. And thus, the more people buy health care products, the better the economy, but most of the patients in the same country, it is necessary to understand. The relationship in this regard in our country aimed at the welfare and care of the person in the case of incidents over the ugliness of man is punished very severely and publicly that fully discourages harm to humans. We do not condemn the modern approaches of medicine and pharmaceutical methods other side, they are necessary to the modern world, to achieve their goals and progress, but the focus on the welfare and health.

Lines existing ginseng:

  • Fresh Ginseng: Ginseng is dug from the garden, moisture 70-80%
  • White Ginseng: Ginseng This is prepared from fresh ginseng, scrubbed with water and dried, removing the cork bark, moisture below 11%
  • Red Ginseng: steamed and dried fresh ginseng, moisture below 11%
  • Sweet Ginseng: The thickened sugar water fresh ginseng
  • The thin roots of ginseng: Thin roots for the treatment of white, red and sweet ginseng.
  • The effect of ginseng and kumdang 2 injection:

    In general kumdang 2 injection and ginseng, as they say Siberians used by all. So it can be said in other words that kumdang 2 and ginseng is used for a wide range of diseases and not just their cures, but also prevents the occurrence of diseases. That is, it can be taken both for the treatment and prevention of a healthy body without limiting the age group of people. Voiced the main application, in what has proved to be kumdang 2 injection and ginseng root.

    Basic application kumdang 2 and ginseng root:

    • Particularly effective in increasing the immunity of the body.
    • It is effective in preventing, treating diabetes and other diseases of endocrine and metabolic systems.
    • slows down the multiplication of cancer cells, has anti-cancer action, as the transformation of the cancer gene to normal.
    • Helps strengthen the heart and maintain normal blood pressure.
    • It acts on the central nervous system, improves memory, slows down aging dementia.
    • It helps digestion and is useful for the treatment of diseases catarrhal nature.
    • Improves sexual function.
    • It is useful to relax mental and physical fatigue and the effects of a hangover.
    • to prevent the consequences of radioactive burns and radiation.
    • Restores the natural properties of the skin and rejuvenation.