Treating allergies kumdang 2 injection
Treating allergies kumdang 2 injection

kumdang-2 vs covid-19

kumdang 2 vs COVID-19

Humanity shall soon clean-vanquish COVID-19.


Kumar Gupta, PhD of Pharmacology, New Delhi, India



Now that the second wave of COVID-19 is rising high, the world number of infected and the death toll have far exceeded 64 million and 1.48 million respectively. The speed of its proliferation in this second wave is more than 3 times faster than the first wave, and the situation in North America and Europe is much more severe than Asia and Africa.

In North Korea, a magnificent country, using a joint traditional and orthodox medicine, there has not been a single case of its outbreak and death because of this, as they demonstrated in October. 2020 their world-strongest armed forces. China with its world-largest population, though had fallen first victim of COVID-19, stubbornly sustains these days “0” of death toll. We envy these two countries. Let us, too, be liberated from COVID-19 by applying their experience!

For this purpose, most important is, of course, restrictions of travel and contacts along with personal hygiene. Meanwhile, normalizing immunity is equally important, which, we are sorry, is emphasized to a weaker extent.

According to the news broadcast, in Italy as of 6.11.2020, out of total 418 142 persons infected of COVID-19, 405 916 persons (97.08%) remained in home detention of quarantine and only 12 226 persons (2.92%) got hospitalized. This means that most of the infected persons already know that COVID-19 is healable by their own self-immunity without hospitalization and without exclusive medical care by doctors. In reality, on average, out of infected 100 persons 98 persons of normal immunity are getting completely cured and 2 persons of abnormal immunity are dying.

As was broadcasted on 28.3.2020, the researchers of the Doherty Research Centre of Infections and Immunity, Melbourne University, Australia eye-witnessed via tests that without use of any medicine the number of immune cells enormously multiplied inside a patient of COVID-19 in 3 days after outbreak of the disease, and in 3 days thereafter he got completely cured by himself. By means of the immune tester developed by Russia, we tested immunity of 1 000 persons male, female, old and young with the result that 962 persons thereof were furnished with immunity of COVID-19 and common cold. Among this 962 persons, 530 (55.1%) were with common immunity and remaining 432 (44.9%) were with optimum immunity. In case of common immunity, you will get autonomously cured of COVID-19 in 6 ~7 days after infection by the virus, while in case of optimum immunity, you will be found negative in PCR test because the viruses are already annihilated immediately after their entrance into your body.

We are asking to the failures of optimum immunity, “Why are you so weak in mentality or so much cowardly that you failed to achieve optimum immunity, which most of us have already attained?” Optimization of your immunity is a quite feasible and easy work. Even those who may suspect that they might belong to 2% of the infected e.g. those constantly liable to catch cold and those of weak immunity owing to other diseases may all move by little efforts to the group of common immunity who are 98% of the infected, and they can also optimize their immunity, whereupon they will never be infected later. If these people had all reached normal immunity, COVID-19 would have already disappeared for good.

First, the most important approach to optimum immunity is body-exercise. This is evident even by the fact that when you have signs of catching cold, you find that such symptoms disappear or alleviate after simply walking some 300 steps only.

In last June, when the whole population of Russia was in home detention of quarantine, the Government ordered liberation of everybody from home detention during 5 a.m. - 10 a.m. every day for outdoor walk or exercises, whenfrom the daily number of the infected decreased by hundreds daily from 12 000 level until 4 000 level in early September, and the daily number of recoverers preponderated over the daily numbers of infected plus casualties. Later, after the all-people home quarantine was withdrawn the anti-epidemic campaign and sports, etc. fell loosened resulting in speedy rise of the daily number of the infected exceeding 27 000 persons. But, if everybody would restrain ride of cars and habituate individual body-exercises and labour, its downslide would restart.

Second, we should eat vegetables and fruits only. In biological structure monkeys are almost the same breed as humans. But they are 10 times quicker in all motions though eating 100% herbs because their source of stamina is not lipid(fat) and protein, but the potential energy structurally pre-reserved in the cells. By means of excessively accumulated lipid and protein humans are obstructing outcome and use of the potential energy from cells of their body in violation of their instinct as a vegetarian breed of animal. Therefore, unlike monkeys humans are very much slow-moving and are always liable to fall ill of diseases. In the long run, you should take 100% vegetarian diets. We kindly advise you to reduce in your every meal the portions of salt, sugar, carbo-hydrates, meat, eggs, fish, butter, etc. to 10% or 0% of the present portions of them and take various vegetables, fruits, beans and milk at 80% or 100% of the total quantity of your every meal. Thereupon, your body fluids shall turn from acidic to mild alkaline (pH 7.4), whereby all the viruses including COVID-19 and pathogenic microbes shall be exterminated. This is not our entity’s opinion only. It is a universal consensus conclusion where the world science has arrived at.

Third, we should use herbal immune optimizers. Kaesong Koryo ginseng of North Korea and its processed derivatives e.g. Kumdang-2 Injection are world famous immune optimizers. The North Korean Government always preferring traditional medicine has been encouraging use of herbal immune optimizers, e.g. they occasionally supplied Kaesong Koryo ginseng free of charge to all the children and post-delivery women nation-wide.

China, the first victim of COVID-19, has clean swept away the last single death toll relying on their traditional medicine, whereby they proved its superiority over the indoctrination of the modern medicine. The modern medicine is a laboratorial doctrine with a history of some 350 years, while the traditional medicine, which exists in Europe, too, is a concentration of the verbal and written statistics over some 50 000 years, which includes the pre-history era. The weak part of the modern medicine is a tendency of applying resemblance of mechanism of repairing machinery, while that of traditional medicine is shortage of scientific evidences.

Viewing from the traditional medicine, COVID-19 is a severe influenza and epidemic pneumonia that outbroke from lack of gi(stamina), meaning strength and efficiency, of the lungs and invasion of moisture into the body caused by a large change of the climate. Once your immunity is optimized by use of immune optimizers, you will hardly fall ill of virus diseases including COVID-19. Or even if already taken ill thereof, some tablets of APC, meaning antipyretic and analgesic, once or twice, will sweep away the illness without trace. In the event COVID-19 becomes to all of us such a mild disease that we can easily reject like common cold, we could regard our target is hit.

Fourth, we should stop smoking. Cigarette and cigar smoking greatly multiplies in our body the ACE2, an acceptor of COVID-19, thereby raising the rate of outbreaks of COVID-19. Therefore, we are appealing to all the smokers to take this opportunity to quit smoking including electronic cigarettes in order to render a service to stopping this enormous severe catastrophe. The world people are warmly applauding North Korea and some other countries for their adoption of No-Tobacco laws.

The above-narrated blockade, restrictions of contacts, exercises, vegetarianism, use of herbal immune optimizers and refraining from smoking are the keys to successes fully proved over the last 11 months. If only some 15% of the total world population properly implemented them, the present deteriorating diffusion of COVID-19 which is 3 times faster than before should start to alleviate and the humanity would clean-vanquish COVID-19 by means of their own wisdom and stamina!