Hepatitis Kumdang-2 Injection

(1) There are various types of viral hepatitis, such as Type А, В, C, D, E and G, all of which have both acute and chronic stages. And those viruses are the main causes of cirrhosis, ascites and abscess of the liver. Such anti-viral agents as Entecavir, Adepovir, Peg-Interferon, Ramibudin. Livaberin, Pegasis and others have recently been in use for treatments of viral hepatitis. These anti-viral agents, though efficacious in many cases, have negative effects, e.g. inhibition of bone marrows, and owing to shortage of durations of action, only partially inhibit proliferation of the hepatitis viruses and therefore, are incapable of fully rejecting the viruses. They entail intolerable adverse side effects that cause great pains. Therefore, they are not in wide use. (2) Toxic hepatitis, another kind of hepatitis, caused by medicament, alcohol, bacteria, poisons, etc., cholestatic hepatitis and liver troubles caused by metabolic disorders are treated with the medicines that restore the function of diseased liver cells and help restoration of the parenchyma of liver (Cocarboxylase, Liv-52, Alinamin-F, Essential, Carsil, Legalon, etc). But. as they have some shortcomings, patients are calling for better medicines. The fatty liver, a liver trouble caused by metabolic disorder, is treated with methionine, choline, lecithin, cholestine and so on. But each of them has some side effects and acts only on certain parts. So they are not successfully curing the fatty liver in an all-round way. The complex amino acid agents (Alvesin and Moriamin) and albumin that accelerate the synthesis of protein are used to supplement the insufficient serum protein. The Minofagen-C Forte had been widely used as it radically reduces the enzyme in the cases of enzyme-sustaining active hepatitis. But, as its effect of restoring liver cells was not clear, the rate of recurrence being high, the level of enzyme rising again, and the immunity being heavily suppressed, it is nowadays unrecommended in cases of liver cirrhosis, hepatogenic coma, diabetes and hypertension. (3) Kumdang-2 Injection's mechanism of curing hepatitis A liver cell has so-called "keyhole” composed of protein, which admits Interferon. Kumdang-2 Injection not only boosts over 16 times the human body’s capacity of generating the Interferon, which plays the role as the "key” to enter the “keyhole", but also helps the Interferon pass the “keyhole”, enter the liver cell and act on its nucleus, thereby producing various anti-viral enzymes. All the actions of this injection, such as restoration and proliferation of cells, activation of immunity, anti-viral and anti-inflammatory effects, optimization of the systems of autonomic nerves and self-curing, improvement of Interferon-generating capacity, and maintenance of homeostasis, serve in the first place for cures of hepatitis. Kumdang-2 not only suppresses and eliminates the virus of hepatitis, but also restrains progression of the disease in the parenchyma of liver and expedites its restoration. Therefore, it successfully cures not only viral hepatitis is, but also toxic hepatitis, cholestatic hepatitis and the liver troubles caused by metabolic disorders. (4) Clinical records and therapeutic experience In the course of treating hepatitis, the test values of GPT (ALT), GOT (AST), Thymol (TTT), Kunkel (ZnTT), mallein, total protein amount, albumin/globulin (A/G) and r-globulin were improved faster than other medicines, and 88% of patients recovered completely. The tests of HBs antigen, too, showed good achievements. As far as the method of use is concerned, the above “4. Administration" that does not differ disease by disease was the best option. Dispensing Kumdang-2 Injection as a single prescription resulted in satisfactory records, and in some cases dispensing it as a component of double or multi prescriptions, i.e. using it together with other medicines resulted in even better effects because Kumdang -2 is not antagonistic to, but is synergic with other medicines and prevents or removes the side effects of the other medicines. In comparison with other medicines Kumdang-2 Injection was far better not only in improving the test values as described above, but also in alleviating or removing such symptoms of hepatitis as indigestion, stomach flatulence, loss of strength, and bad colours of face, urine and stool. In most of the chronic hepatitis cases, too, the patients speedily reached complete cure upon use of this injection as per the Administration above, and neither of them has been converted to liver cirrhosis and/or ascites. Treatments of liver cirrhosis and ascites also resulted in good records. This injection restored and proliferated liver cells at a great rate, optimized the immunity system and the ability of automatic regulation, and thus completely cured the liver cirrhosis. In most of the liver ascites cases, too, the dropsy drained soon resulting in a high rate of recovery.