Kumdang-2 Injection remarkably reduced or removed polyps in the stomach, lung, uterine, mouth and nose along with simultaneous decrease of their symptoms and recurrence. Administration of more than 200 ampoules (25 packets) showed a satisfactory effect, but less ampoules were not adequate for complete cure.

Myalgia (pains at muscles)

Kumdang-2 Injection alleviated or removed the pains at the muscles or all over the body. The rate of complete recovery was 65%.

Vegetative Neurosis (disorders of vegetative nervous system)

Nearly all the diseases are related to vegetative neurosis, so it is hard to give specific description of its symptoms. Anyway, at least its main symptoms are debility, dizziness, tinnitus, pale complexion, headache, nausea, palpitation of the heart, insomnia, etc. So far, there has not been any noticeable remedy available for cure of this disease. But, Kumdang-2 Injection demonstrated clear effects on it from the first day of its use, remarkably alleviating or removing all those symptoms. The rate of complete recovery was 95%.