In treatments of different kinds of neuralgia, like trigeminal neuralgia, headache, intercostal neuralgia, sciatica and brachilgia, Kumdang-2 Injection eased or stopped pains, and its use together with vitamins and other medicines was more effective than its single use.


Kumdang-2 Injection achieved more than 95% of full recovery rate in treatments of neurosis (also called noirase) known as a non-psychopathic disorder marked by an uneasy state of mind and attempts to escape from it


In treatments of different kinds of syndromes of debility e. g. bony body, lethargy, loss of appetite, cold hands and feet, malfunctions and under-growth for a variety of reasons, the rate of full recovery by this injection was over 99%.


Insomnia is caused by malfunctioning of the Reticular Substance of Mesencephalon (RSM), which balances sleep and awakeness. In general, the sleeping pills force you to sleep by suppressing RSM and the central nervous system including the cerebral cortex, which causes counter-action from RSM that results in gradual in crease of the daily dose of the pills, and eventually, even greater dose of the pills would not help you to sleep, thus resulting in addiction. Further, the pills entail side effects, e.g. dry mouth and nausea. Kumdang-2 Injection, by normalizing and optimizing the functions of RSM and central nervous system, could achieve 96% of complete recovery from insomnia without any side effects.