Medicinal poisoning

Kumdang-2 Injection attained 98% of complete recovery in removing or neutralizing various forms of medicinal poisoning. For instance, according to a report from abroad, a woman, aged 40, had taken 200 pills of Isoniazid at a time in an attempt to commit suicide and lost her consciousness. The 5% dextrose solution was infused but in vain. However, she came to herself soon after receiving 8 ampoules of this injection in a dose. Further, she got 8 ampoules 3 times in a day, whereupon, she was completely recovered to her original state, rose and even washed her clothes in the washroom. A lot of similar examples have been recorded.

Harm from use of computers

Kumdang-2 Injection swiftly relieved the fatigue and various disorders of the body caused by constant computer work for many hours during many days.


Stomatitis, i.e. the erosion and/or ulcer in the mucous membrane of the mouth, may appear due to high fever, pregnancy, excessive mental or physical fatigue, or extreme weakness. Upon injection of Kumdang-2 as per “4. Administration”, stomatitis was soon cured and the immunity being optimized, the rate of its recurrence sharply decreased.