Epidemic diseases including Bird Flu and New Flu, AIDS Kumdang-2 Injection

Nowadays, every country is called to direct greater efforts to preventing different kinds of possible epidemic diseases. If a vaccine of a new epidemic should be invented only after outbreak of the epidemic, during this time of invention, the epidemic would already have prevailed widely. If viruses of New Flu. Bird Flu and AIDS would mutate, their infectiousness and mortality would boost on geometric steps and the humanity would fall in unforeseen disasters. In general, while the DNA genes do not change through generations, the gene of New Flu virus is RNA, which is always likely to mutate. The same is the case with Bird Flu and AIDS. Therefore, the world health entities are calling the humanity to take perspective anti-epidemic measures in advance of coming mutations of the epidemic viruses. For this purpose, you should be armed with optimum immuno-competence defensive of all viruses including those that would emerge in new shapes after mutation. This is obtainable only by optimizing the human immunity try use of very strong imimmo-activators and interferon inducers like Kumdang-2 Injection. According to the data from foreign health entities this injection has shown splendid effects in preventing and curing some epidemics such SALES, Dird Flu, New Flu and AIDS. according to the reports from our medical teams in Africa, upon injection of Kumdang-2 in the maximum dose of more to the HIV (human immuno-deficiency virus) anti-body carriers, 63.5 % of the injected total recorded disappearance of HIV anti-body in the tests. Among the patients with typical syndromes of AIDS, its injection in repeated maximum doses resulted in 56 % complete cure and 44 % considerable cure. There was no case of on improved or deteriorated. Among those injected of enough Kumdang-2 for prevention, no case of AIDS has been reported. For prevent of above epidemics, you are recommended to get 40-56 ampoules as per Table-1, and for cure, get 5-8 ampoules, every 4-6 hours for 2-3 days. If you failed to reach complete cure during that time, the same dosage should be repeated for 2-3 days after an interval of 1-2 days, whereupon you should be assured of perfect cure in any case.