1. This manual is based on comprehensive analyses of:
  • The opinions of millions of patients,all of which have been collected over the last 23 years since May, 1989. at the moment, as well as clinical records submitted hundreds of hospitals, medical groups, institutions and epidemiological institutions Korea and from 30 different countries, and reviews of millions of patients. 1.     National and International Accreditation and Appraisal
  • Kumdang-2 Injection has been registered and approved as follows:
  • MHK-Std No. 3827-96 Updated
  • No. 03827-2001 Updated
  • No. 3-3827-2007 Invention
  • No. 27837 Inventor: Jon Sung Hun and Ri Sun Choi Patent
  • No. 13785 owned by Jon Sung Hun Patent
  • No. 43194 owned by Jon Sung Hun Trademark license
  • No. 31407 owned by Pugang Pharmaceutic Co., Ltd. Archive
  • No. 51528, B-5641 of Analyticon of Germany Ministry of Health of Cuba Reg
  • No. N-04-206-HLC) Ministry of Health of Syria Reg
  • No. 16-3-1-18665 Ministry of Health of Mongolia Reg
  • No. F080813AP01909
  • Also registered in Uzbekistan and the Philippines Besides these countries, many countries like China, Russia, Britain, Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Bulgaria,  Egypt, Ethiopia, Guinea, Angola, etc. are promoting import and use of this injection.
  • So far, Kumdang-2 Injection has participated at some 30 national and international exhibitions, where it has won Gold Medal of WIPO and several other gold medals and gold prizes. The Central Bank of DPR Korea issued a gold с in 2005 in praise of Kumdang-2 Injection for its dedication to the health of mankind. The “Choson Sinbo”, a Japanese newspaper, in its issues of 18.7.2001 and 30.7.2001 carried a 3-page article titled “Admiration at an Elixir of Life”, where it described the astonishments of Japanese doctors at the reality that many diseases had been completely cured by Kumdang-2 Injection after their failures of healing at the Japanese hospitals. The “Bild”, a German newspaper, in its 22.11.2002 issue, stated that a beautiful girl Miss Kim Hey Sung owes hei acrobatic Oscar prize “Golden Clown” to her active use of Kumdang-2 Injection, which it depicted as a miraculous non-doping medicine without any attachment (love) or addiction. Further, mass media of DPR Korea, ITAR-Tass, Xinhua, the “Financial Times” of Great Britain and many, many other news agencies, TVs, newspapers, periodicals and publications over the world have given publicity to this injection Many symposiums and seminars are held on Kumdang-2 Injection in many countries. In all the websites world-wild the number of pages mentioning Kumdang-2 Injection totals 5 million. The total supply of Kumdang-2 Injection to the world was some 10,000 packets every month in 2008; it rose 15 til in 2012 to some 150,000 packets every month, and is expected to speedily rise further in the months and years to com

Russian Itar-Tass on Kumdan-2 injections:

  • ” PYONGYANG , June 11. / Correspondent . ITAR-TASS Yuri Sidorov / . Attention visitors recently held in the capital of North Korea international trade fair attracted the attention of the immune system stimulant ” Kymdan -2 .” This multifunctional injectable preparation is produced Korean pharmaceutical company ” Pungan .” According to its general manager Chung Sung Hoon , he was in great demand in foreign countries , including Cuba , Syria, Mongolia and Germany. ” Mongolian firm ” Aisha Pharma “- he told reporters , – monthly sells approximately 20 thousand packages ” Kymdan -2 ” not only in their own country but also in neighboring countries . This month , Sung Hoon Chung added , “our Mongolian business partner made ​​a proposal to increase supply.” ” Kumdan -2 ” is intended for the treatment of hepatitis , diabetes, polyps and other diseases , has a detoxifying and anti-inflammatory action , promotes rapid tissue regeneration and strengthening immunity. Korean Ministry of Health says nearly 100 – percent efficiency of this tool that is based on extracts from the famous Kaesong Ginseng / ginseng / grown under special conditions. For maximum healing effect by long scientific research has been developed specially formulated fertilizers for this plant , which included several kinds of amino acids , small doses of gold, platinum and other rare earth elements. Moreover, according to recent surveys of North Korean medics, ” Kymdan -2 ” is effective for the prevention of dangerous infectious diseases such as avian flu and SARS . It also protects tissues from exposure to radiation during radiotherapy. ” Kymdan -2 ” useful during sand storms. ” Channel